Guitar Tab Software Comparison

Guitar tab software comes in 2 varieties – free and paid for. I don’t know about you, but if I can get something that does the job for free, I’m less inclined to stump up a wad of cash for the paid version.

Guitar Pro

The most popular guitar tab software out there is probably Guitar Pro, which is currently on version 6. This will set you back about $60 for the full version. It allows you to create your own scores as well as making it easier to read guitar tab and play along with the computer as it plays the tab for you just to make things really easy.

Guitar Pro 6 Demo Video


TuxGuitar is a piece of software that I have a real soft spot for. First of all, it is entirely free. And I mean free as in speech, as well as free as in beer. That’s right, the code is open source, which means that anyone can take a look under the hood and make improvements if they want. This means you end up with much better software at the end of the day, which benefits from the contributions of the many people involved in the community. It does pretty much everything I need it to do without fuss so I am more than happy with it.

Now before you watch the video below just bear in mind that, because TuxGuitar is open source, it doesn’t have a massive marketing budget to produce slick demo videos like the Guitar Pro one above. So what you’ve got below is something that somebody recorded in their bedroom for free. It gives an idea of what you can do with TuxGuitar and shows you how to install it (there are versions for Mac and Windows as well as Linux, so you don’t need to ditch your non-linux OS to use it).

TuxGuitar Demo Video

Finally, for a bit of fun, check out this metal track made using Tux Guitar. Kinda cool…

TuxGuitar Metal Track

It’s up to you which guitar tab software you go for, so take a look at the demo videos and make up your own mind.

And let me know your thoughts in the comments. Is TuxGuitar better than Guitar Pro 6 in a straight head to head battle of the guitar tab software?

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  1. B.B. says:

    Hi – thanks for coming by Atheist Advent! I like your site a lot – extremely sensible advice which I really ought to pay attention to (I’m tense as hell). Which of the players is you? I’ll put you on my ‘featured video’ slot on (You can come after Captain Beefheart RIP)

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