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This is for all those folks out there who want to learn guitar fast, or should that be learn to play fast guitar? Anyway, I want to share something inspirational with you all this Sunday evening. There’s a guy called Damir Simic Shime, and this fella can teach us a thing or two about fast guitar playing.

He’s originally from Croatia and, when he was growing up, his guitar heroes were Ritchie Blackmore and Van Halen. Damir had trouble getting hold of western music at that time and had to travel to Italy or to Austria just to buy an album. In fact, he even had to travel abroad to get hold of decent guitar equipment.

Luckily for the young Damir, his dad worked in Germany and was able to get hold of albums for him. His old man even got him his first decent guitar and amp. He used to slow down a reel to reel tape recorder so he could learn guitar solo notes and practise them at a comfortable speed before eventually speeding them up to full tempo. A case of having to learn guitar fast by first slowing it all right down.

When Damir turned 22, he decided that he should follow in the footsteps of some other European guitarists you may have heard of (the name Malmsteen springs to mind, for one) and cross the pond to pursue his passion in the US of A. So in 1991 he headed off to Los Angeles, the natural place to go if you want to take your guitar playing to the next level. Well, actually that was a bit of a leap for a young Croatian lad but he’s never looked back and has gone on to be featured in DiMarzio’s advertisements as a big name to be mentioned in the same breath as Malmsteen and Satriani.

Damir blames Nirvana for making guitar soloing unfashionable during the nineties. In recent years, however, lead guitar and shred in particular has made a real comeback and is now becoming more popular than ever. Although it still cannot really be considered truly mainstream, a quick search on YouTube reveals an active community who are sharing techniques and holding competitions to see who’s best.

Damir mainly plays instrumental music and his guitar sweep techniques, tapping and generally nimble fingers serve as a powerful reminder to anyone taking lead guitar lessons that hard work, can really pay off. Watching Damir play his awesome solos may not be the best way to learn guitar (a bit too much awesomeness going on there for most of us mortals, unless you’re looking for advanced guitar lessons) but it’s a great inspiration and real motivator for anyone learning electric guitar.

So, sit back and watch the flames seering from this man’s guitar fretboard.

Suitably motivated? Now lock youself in a darkened room and learn guitar fast… er, I mean learn to play fast guitar.

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