Anyone Seen My Guitar Pick?

Do you ever lose your guitar pick?

I was surfing around the online guitarosphere just now, whiling away the final few minutes before I head off to my bed, when I stumbled across the best idea of 2010 for absent minded and careless guitarists. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that what I reveal in the rest of this post is probably the most important development in guitar pick history since Dave Storey introduced the patented Dava Multi-Gauge pick design in 1996.

If you find yourself without a pick at the times when you need one the most, you are not alone. And you can get help.

This happens to me all the time. Sometimes I’ve put it down somewhere but can’t remember where. Other times it’s disappeared, presumed eaten by the family pet, or maybe added to the growing collection of pens and half-eaten sweets in my youngest child’s secret drawer of stuff. Or maybe it’s rattling around inside my acoustic guitar and just will not drop out, no matter how much I tilt, shake and curse.

I know it’s not all bad because my inability to look after my picks properly means that my fingerstyle playing is better as a result, which I’m sure would not be the case otherwise. And I do enjoy playing the guitar fingerstyle. It’s just that sometimes one really needs to play with a pick.

So what about those times when you need a pick and can’t lay your hands on one? Well help is now at hand. You no longer need to worry about being pickless ever again if you go and get yourself one of these…

How cool is that? Don’t have a pick? No problem, just make yourself one out of your old library card, lid off your coffee jar or, if you’re really desperate, your own toenail. Just kidding – don’t try that!

It’s too late for this Christmas now, but if you know a slightly scatterbrained guitarist who’s always losing their picks, get them one of these little beauties and they’ll love you forever. I think I might treat myself to one in the New Year.

They are currently only available in the standard teardrop shape but that’s fine by me. You can buy the raw material for the picks as sheets of polycarbonate, acetal or nylon from the pickpunch website, so there’s no need to go raiding the recycling bins for suitable pick material. I expect this will probably give better results, too.

Just visit today and you and your loved ones will never be left wanting for a guitar pick ever again.

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