Why Learn Guitar?

So this blog is trying to help people to learn guitar fast, but so far we’ve only been dealing with the “how”, and not the “why”.

Let’s take a step back and think about that for a moment.

Why Learn Guitar?

When I first started to learn guitar, I didn’t really have any particular goal in mind. Sure, I wanted to be able to play blistering solos like Kirk Hammett or Eddie Van Halen. And, while I was at it, I also wanted to master the classics and play the complex finger-style stuff I used to listen to on BBC Radio 3 in their classical guitar slot. I soon gave up on the classical thing, preferring instead to focus on other genres that I could sound good with quicker. Even at the very beginning I was learning guitar fast – I’m the impatient type when it comes to getting results.

Over time I began to realise that there had to be some prioritisation of my learning, otherwise I would become a jack of all trades but master of none. Or worse still, mediocre at a very few of them whilst paying lip service to the rest.

But how to decide where to put in the (considerable) effort of learning guitar? This is something that is entirely subjective and will probably hinge on the kind of music that you like to listen to. If you are interested in guitar theory and music theory in general, try jazz or classical. If you just want to make a loud noise, try punk; if you want to make a loud noise and play something worthy of being called music, learn heavy metal guitar.

This is all very well but, other than your desire to play the music you enjoy listening to as a punter at a gig or in a music store, why would you want to learn guitar? What is actually driving you to learn how to play this fine instrument?

I’d venture to suggest that it all boils down to the basest of human desires and needs. The one that comes after food and water, and maybe shelter. Procreation.

That’s right, you decided to learn guitar in order to attract a mate. And it works, too. Rockstars have known this for years. Get yourself a guitar and you can serenade your sweetheart from below her (or his) balcony in the moonlight. You can invite your chosen groupie backstage for some after show “hospitality”. The possibilities that are open to you are myriad if you can play the guitar to any sort of standard. Even better if you can sing.

I was browsing through Youtube earlier today and discovered the following clip. This post is really an excuse to share it with you because I thought it was nicely done, and so true.

So, as you enjoy the clip, think of how you’re going to woo your soul-mate with a well chosen ballad. Or perhaps get some extra brownie points from your spouse/partner next Valentine’s Day (scarily it’s not that long) to spend in a way of your choosing.

Why learn guitar? To find a mate.

Enjoy the clip.

That’s the truth but, if you really beg to differ, leave a comment so that you can educate the rest of us as to how you managed to transcend the strictures of the human psyche to achieve such a state of enlightenment. Only then can we learn guitar fast for spiritual fulfillment, or whatever other reasons you would have us believe.

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