Easy Guitar Songs

So you’re sitting around the campfire, lounging around at home with friends, or whatever it is you kids like to do these days. You’ve got your guitar on your lap and your friends are begging you to play some easy guitar songs so that you can all have a sing along.

“Great idea!” you think to yourself.

“But what to play?”

Your friends will doubtless have their own favourites, which they love to get stuck into and show off their range, their vocal dynamics, their plain awesomeness. When nobody agrees, it’s your responsibility as the guitarist to take control of the situation and choose a suitable ditty that will fit the mood. When you’re put on the spot, you need to have a few classic tunes ready to go that everyone will know. So what would you choose?

Wild Thing, by the Troggs?

Hey Joe, by Jimi Hendrix?

Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door, by Bob Dylan – or any of the hundreds of other folk who’ve released cover versions?

Everyone knows these easy guitar songs when they hear them on the radio, but how many of us have them in our reportoire so they can be wheeled out at the drop of a hat? If you do, then well done. If not, might I suggest that you need to learn them? Not because you can’t play more complicated stuff, but because a (perhaps slightly drunk) rabble of campfire comrades or barbequeue buddies won’t be able to hold a tune more complicated than your basic beginner’s guitar standard anyway.

You need to know these tunes for such occassions. And I know a man who’s put together a series of lessons with the sole purpose of ensuring you are able to rise to the challenge of providing the Karaoke backing track for those gifted crooners in your social circle. He’s called Justin and he’s done a video for you. What a very nice man he is.


So now you’ve got to grips with them, go and gate-crash a party now and give them your very best easy guitar songs – you might even get a can of brew and a tasty savaloy for your trouble.

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