How to Replace Guitar Strings

Do you already know how to replace guitar strings? Here at Learn Guitar Fast Towers, we have become experts in the art of restringing guitars. And it took us a whole lunch break back in 1985…

It’s easy, right? All you do is loosen off the tuning pegs, pull the string out of the eye on the machine head, whip the string off the guitar and repeat the process in reverse to put a brand new one back in its place.

Well, yes. That’s actually pretty much all there is to it. It isn’t all that tricky. However, I do see far too many people with long, straggling, untidy loose ends waving around on the end of the neck of their guitar. Not only is that untidy, but it can damage your gig bag, or poke you in the eye…Ouch!

It’s best to trim these loose guitar strings close to the tuning peg. Nice and tidy, just how I like it.

Guitar string replacement becomes second nature once you’ve done it a few times but, as this is a blog aimed at beginners, it’s worth sharing the following video with you. Pay attention to the tips this chap shares, and pay particular attention to the nifty little winding tool he uses. That’ll save you from a tired wrist, which means you’ll have more energy left to practise playing your favourite guitar songs. And more practice time means more rapid progress, which is what you want – who doesn’t want to learn guitar fast?

So there you have it. He made it look easy, didn’t he? A nice demonstration of how to replace guitar strings, I’m sure you’ll agree.

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