Blues Guitar Chords

I’m just gonna come right out and say it, “blues guitar chords are boring, boring boring!”

There, I said it. Now, that’s probably resulted in one of two reactions in your mind, dear Reader. Either you’re nodding your head in agreement or you’re tut-tutting at your computer screen safe in the knowledge that the idiot writing this blog post is ignorant of the theory of music and probably thinks that a quaver is a cheesy, deep-fried, corn-based snack that melts in your mouth. Well, here in the UK that’s one of our top selling savoury snacks…and they are delicious. But I digress.

Allow me to reassure you that my knowledge of music is at least on a par with my knowledge of fast food…

…When I say that the blues guitar chords boring, what I’m talking about are the standard 12 bar blues guitar chords, played without any imagination or variation. This is a common mistake that many of you beginners make. We’ve all been there, playing the same old blues guitar chords progressions over and over again while our more accomplished friends play their cool solos lovingly crafted from a deep understanding of the theory of the blues guitar scales over the top of the solid rhythm guitar foundation we’ve laid for them.

I can hear your protests now.

You’re saying, “I realise I’m playing a sequence of easy blues guitar chords over and over again. I’m doing this deliberately to allow the lead guitar some space to flourish. I don’t want to clash with what Dave’s doing with his awesome arrangements of pentatonic goodness.”

Really? Or are you just beng lazy? All the best blues guitarists like to mix things up a bit. They don’t stick to playing precisely what’s shown on their blues guitar chords chart pinned above the drawers in their bedroom. No way man! They add in little trills here and there, they add hammer ons, slides and vary their strumming techniques.

Check out this free blues guitar chords lesson and pay attention to what the guy recommends. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes.

If you can put into practice what the chap in the video was telling you, you’ll find your boring old blues chords for guitar are transformed into something that actually sounds pretty darned slick.

And remember, like the man says, “it always helps to know your scales”. This is excellent advice, which you must follow.

Keep practising and you will get better. Just stick with it!

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