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Spinal Tap – Tonight We’re Gonna Rock It!

For some reason, this evening I found myself reminiscing about the first ever live performance that I gave, at the tender age of 17. It was in a talent contest at my school and me and my buddies dressed up … Continue reading

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Guitar Satisfaction – Get Lessons, Get Satisfaction, Stay Motivated!

You probably think I’m impatient, impetuous even, because I keep going on about learning guitar fast. Well, I heard a statistic recently that illustrated perfectly why it is important to get results quickly in your guitar playing. I was amazed … Continue reading

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Guitar Tab Made Easy with TuxGuitar

Guitar tab is an incredibly useful tool for any guitarist at any level because it allows one guitarist to speak to another using notation without the need for any sort of musical background. Tab is the universal language we all … Continue reading

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How to Learn Guitar Fast for Beginners

So you want to learn guitar fast, which is probably how you ended up on my blog. No doubt you’ll be looking for guitar tab to help you get that song you’re learning note-perfect, tips on learning guitar chords, advice … Continue reading

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