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Lead Guitar Lessons

As I sat at my computer this evening, surfing the web for all things guitar-related, I stumbled across this video that I thought I’d post under the heading lead guitar lessons. At first I thought this was just another bedroom … Continue reading

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Easy Guitar Songs

House of the Rising Sun If you’re a beginner guitarist, looking for some easy guitar songs to get your teeth into, you could do a lot worse than check out the “House of the Rising Sun“. No, I’m not talking … Continue reading

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How to Play Blues Guitar

Blues Guitar Scales – and why they are important for more than just learning how to play blues guitar… In my last post, which went into the benefits of learning easy guitar songs, I mentioned the importance of getting a … Continue reading

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Easy Songs to Learn on Acoustic Guitar

Are you looking for some easy songs to learn on acoustic guitar? I know I was when I first started to learn guitar. Even to this day I still enjoy playing some of the songs that I learned in the … Continue reading

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Learning to Play Guitar

A lot of people who are interested in learning to play guitar make excuses for why they aren’t as good as they’d like to be. If you’re struggling in your quest to learn guitar fast, and are blaming your equipment … Continue reading

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How to Replace Guitar Strings

Do you already know how to replace guitar strings? Here at Learn Guitar Fast Towers, we have become experts in the art of restringing guitars. And it took us a whole lunch break back in 1985… It’s easy, right? All … Continue reading

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Easy Guitar Songs

So you’re sitting around the campfire, lounging around at home with friends, or whatever it is you kids like to do these days. You’ve got your guitar on your lap and your friends are begging you to play some easy … Continue reading

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